Friday, June 17, 2016

Make, Learn, Succeed: Building a Culture of Creativity in Your School

My latest book...

Make, Learn, Succeed
Building a Culture of Creativity in Your School
Product code: CREATE
ISBN: 9781564843807
Expected publication date: 07/2016
Topics: Curriculum, Robotics, STEM, Project-based learning, Personalized learning, Maker movement

Mark Gura
To adequately prepare students for success, our schools must encourage students to evolve and develop as creative individuals. Today's educators are challenged to establish an instructional practice that will support the development of student creativity, as well as meet curricular goals and assessments.
In this book, author Mark Gura shows that creativity can be developed and that, thanks to the  variety of technology resources available, doing so is not only possible, but practical and effective.
Offering rich examples and ready-to-implement activities, the book describes how to develop creativity by:
  • Establishing a creativity-friendly learning environment.
  • Weaving maker, STEAM, robotics and gaming into instruction.
  • Encouraging motivation, entrepreneurship, curiosity and play.
  • Using technology tools and resources to support student creativity.
Mark Gura has been an educator for more than three decades. He works with Touro College, Fordham University and other organizations to promote the use of technology to provide highly motivating, relevant activities for students. Gura is the author of Getting Started with LEGO Robotics and the editor of Teaching Literacy in the Digital Age.