Friday, June 27, 2014

Madrid Vale!

“Vale” – “Vale” – “Vale”, you hear it everywhere in Madrid. We were told it simply means “OK”... but that it also means “To be worth.”  My recent experience in this marvelous city showed it to be very OK and time spent there to be worth a great deal!
After a hiatus of a couple of years while my wife Maria and I relocated our home to Jupiter (Jupiter, Florida, that is), we've started traveling again. And what an uplifting delight it is to be back on the road exploring our mind-blowing world! Spain, with Madrid as home-base, proved to be a very good choice to ease back into the mode of growing and learning through travel...
Translation: Dark swallows will return to your balcony to hang their nests and again, with wing on your windows, they’ll call out playing.
The streets of Madrid are  paved with many things, one of them is poetry!
Visuals of Madrid... Vale! Click to see what we saw (photos)