Sunday, October 06, 2013

Student Robotics and the K-12 Curriculum

My recent contribution to EDUTOPIA blog:

"Having been involved with student robotics programs for many years, I feel that robotics just may be the most perfect instructional approach currently available. It offers classroom activities that teach high-value STEM content as well as opportunities to powerfully address ELA Common Core Standards. In fact, there are connections to robotics across the full spectrum of the curriculum. Robotics is also a highly effective way to foster essential work skills like collaboration, problem solving and project management. It does all this while keeping kids so motivated and engaged that getting them to stop working and move on to the rest of the school day can be a challenge -- a good problem to have!

The next important step for student robotics will be to make it a central part of the regular, daytime classroom experience. Here are some favorite activities that can help robotics inspire and impact all students, and can also tremendously increase teacher satisfaction..."

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