Monday, November 29, 2010

What If Kids Wrote and Published?

Video I created... The gist: we have to stop our educational bad habit of making kids do contrived exercises intended to prepare them to write in the (unlikely) event they might ever want to! We MUST change instruction to "fostering" learning by engaging kids in writing and producing real, authentic publications!

Writing instruction can be vastly improved by engaging students in writing and publishing real books and magazine! Education, in turn, will be transformed as students become authentic writers! Video by the creator of the Resource Kit for ePublishing - info @


At 3:27 PM, Blogger Maria said...

Im a Portuguese teacher of chemistry and a master (Science Didactics) student in University of Lisbon and i think your ideas abaout putting students to produce and publicate about several issues its very interesting. Im doing my dissertation project and i want my students to produce and publicate, in the form of podcast or vodcast, about themes of chemistry (periodic table) with the goal of developing scientific skills and critical thinking. I loved your book (podcasting for teachers)! Best wishes for your work!


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