Friday, March 19, 2010


One of my favorite platforms for airing and sharing ideas, discoveries, and opinions has been Converge Magazine. Over the years it's been a privilege to contribute to Converge. Here are some of the articles of mine they've run:

- Bridge Over Technology Waters (scroll to page 18)
New generation of student laptops could bridge digital divide in schools.

- Kazakhstan: Where Science Meets Education (scroll to page 14)
The country is on course to be one of the top 50 developed nations in the world.

- Across the Rubicon – (scroll to page 22)
Exclusive Interview with Jordan’s Minister of Education
- Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto (scroll to page 18)
Lego robotics storm a school district in Brooklyn.

- Let Them Have Tech (scroll to page 26)
Social networking for educators —classroom resources and professional
development are reasons to log on.

- Sweet Home Alabama (scroll to page 20)
Alabama students have open access to learning tools statewide.

- South Bronx 'GreenFab' Customizes Education
A special STEM Career Education program

- 360 Degree Learning
The New Electric Company is more than a TV show

- Late for Class (Winter 2006)

Articles the Appeared in Other Publications: - From the magazine EdTech - Focus on Higher Ed
The Value of Campus Podcasting
Before podcasting can become an important teaching and learning resource, IT managers will need to inform, proselytize and offer support to instructors