Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Best Way to Get Teachers to Make Use of the Internet

Hawker Brownlow, an affiliate of Corwin (SAGE), the publisher of my recent book "Teaching with Author Websites" has uploaded an excerpt in downloadable pdf format. This file includes the bulk of my introduction in which I explain why I am in such awe of this approach to teacher technology integration. Using the wonderful digital resources that the authors of popular print books make available through their enticing and engaging websites is simply the best reason I've come across so far to get teachers inspired by technology!

Over a very long career as a staff developer and then director of technology professional development for the New York City school system, I was involved in efforts that resulted in many, many thousands of teachers adopting Internet-based resources and practices. Among the countless approaches I've seen to getting teachers to make good use of the web, this one is the one that will stick!

Please take a look:


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