Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Podcasting for Teachers Gets Glowing Book Review!

Podcasting for Teachers, by Kathleen P. King and Mark Gura
Reviewed by Steven W. Schmidt

Podcasting for Teachers, by Kathleen P. King and Mark Gura, Charlotte, NC: IAP –
Information Age Publishing, 2007, 288 pages, $45.99 (paperback).

“The phenomenon of podcasting has grown popular in a very short period of time. In their book Podcasting for Teachers (2007), authors Kathleen P. King and Mark Gura chart the rise in podcasting popularity “from the first introduction in June, 2005 when people were saying ‘podwhating?’to July 2006 when the trend reached 9 million podcast listeners in the United States”(p. 36). This statistic alone is enough to pique one’s interest in the concept of podcasting, and this book provides answers and information in the form of text, diagrams, figures, graphics, flowcharts, and other useful tools. Websites and details about existing podcasts, some developed by the authors, are featured as well. Podcasting for Teachers consists of 16 chapters divided into three sections. The first section presents basic information on podcasting. The second section delves into detail on podcast development, and the third section discusses the use of podcasts in education…”

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